10 reasons to augment your cybersecurity team with UD experts 

1. On-demand access to security engineers – you will require services or engineers only when your business needs.

2. Available talent pool – you will have an access to a vast number of well-educated and trained cybersecurity experts that have live experience in troubleshooting cyber threats. According to the 2018 “State of the CIO” report from CIO magazine, nearly 40 percent of CIOs said they expect to have difficulty filling their security jobs (BizTech). 

3. Team scaling (up and down)- you can require one, two or ten well-skilled employees with a different level of seniority.

4. Economy of scaling – you can outsource as little as five seats and save approximately 40 per cent of costs normally spent on salaries, benefits, payroll taxes and related expenses ( Portway

5. Working on T&M or project base- you are free to choose a better work-model that is more effective according to needs of your business line.

6. Minimize operational costs- you don’t need any extra funding for building a/another security team in-house.

7. Improve time-to-market – you can boost your delivery capabilities doing more and quicker.

8. Boost your competitiveness- you are free to establish partnership with another well-developed company and combine your effects to perform better, satisfying your clients’ demands.

9. Time difference – you are sleeping and perfectly sure that alert and energetic people are taking care of your business, but not fatigue individuals that could fell asleep in the middle of the night. Your business in on 24/7 monitoring and there are eyes keeping on it.

10. Well-educated people – you can hire savvy techno-oriented people that are highly educated and motivated in building a career in cybersecurity. The western Ukraine has become a hub for growing leaders in this area.


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