Jan 31, 2024


UnderDefense and Agile Cybersecurity Solutions partner to protect business from potential cyberthreats

UnderDefense and Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (ACS) are excited to announce their strategic partnership, combining ACS’s elite cybersecurity team and their unique Security Risk and Assessment Testing and Advisory Services with the Security-as-a-Service MDR platform from UnderDefense. This partnership offers no-code security automation, focusing on securing businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who often lack the resources and expertise to defend themselves effectively.

As security continues to be an ongoing challenge for a wide range of organizations, protecting vital assets and determining the appropriate level of security is critical. This ensures companies maintain business continuity and mitigate risks. SMEs are particularly vulnerable, often lacking qualified cybersecurity professionals, resulting in them being attractive targets for cyber attackers. Data from Firewall Times shows that 61% of SMEs experienced a cyber-attack last year, with the average cost per incident nearing $3 million. Six months post-attack, 60% of victimized small businesses cease operations. Larger organizations, too, face cybersecurity talent shortages, leaving them exposed to threat actors.

Leaders in the field, ACS and UnderDefense, are launching a suite of cyber resiliency services to support businesses in assessing their cybersecurity and risk management investments. The partnership offers customers unrivaled end-to-end hybrid enterprise and cloud infrastructure observability, continuous monitoring of network traffic for insights into anomalous behavior, responsive incident action, and cyber resiliency consulting.

A layered cybersecurity model is crucial to reinforce access barriers to critical business assets, with network traffic analysis forming an integral layer. “Cybersecurity must be integral to any business strategy, whether it involves implementing cloud computing or simply using email and maintaining a website,” says Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO and Founder at UnderDefense.

Both Tymoshyk and ACS’s CEO, Carlos Fernandes, stress the importance of a security culture that enhances customer trust. Fernandes adds, “This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to provide top-tier cybersecurity services that foster a safer digital business environment.” With the launch of this strategic partnership, UnderDefense and ACS are committed to equipping businesses with the necessary tools and expertise for robust digital asset protection.

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