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Our biggest aim is to empower companies to stand strong in the face of
today’s dynamic, sophisticated, and unrelenting cyber-attacks and
maintain business continuity and financial stability

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UnderDefense, a globally top-ranked firm by Gartner and Clutch, provides cyber resiliency consulting and technology-enabled services to anticipate, manage and defend against cyber threats. We empower clients to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.





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“Our innovation in CyberSecurity begins with owning the fact that threats and breaches are imminent.

Our goal is to make an impactful change in the network security space for every organization and industry possible. As the cybersecurity space is continuously changing we believe a human led security approach is the only way to stay secure today.

We Practice what we Preach.”

Nazar Tymoshyk

CEO, UnderDefense

Our Certificates

Experts. Finalists. Winners.

#1 in Managed SIEM services by Comparitech

Market Leader on Clutch (#2 in CyberSecurity)

#21 on Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services

Splunk Boss of the SOC 2022 6th place out 184 teams

#4 in Top 100 CyberSecurity Companies by the Manifest

Our Partners

We are pleased to be a part of a business society where every member has
an aspiration to offer customers high-quality services. Together we work to improve the digital economy nowadays and to provide it with unstoppable development.

Here is a list of our current partnerships. Our partners are such giants as Microsoft, Splunk, and others. We are open to a new cooperation with companies which share our values. 

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Our Insights

Incident Response Life Cycle| UnderDefense

by UnderDefense | Nov 3, 2020

With COVID-19 forcing businesses around the globe to shift to remote work, the cybersecurity landscape has changed significantly. Consequently, the complexity of protecting corporate infrastructure grew tenfold. It is complicated enough to instate impenetrable…

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Risk-based cyber resiliency

by Michael Rezek | Jan 4, 2021

What we have witnessed over the last couple of decades as the traditional approach to corporate Cyber Resiliency has been a focus on attaining certain levels of maturity by building certain capabilities into the cybersecurity program. To achieve “maturity”, an organization might build a SOC to improve…

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Data Breach Prevention: How to Improve Cybersecurity

by Serge Mihalap | Oct 27, 2020

No system is immune to cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. But do you know how common it is for companies to remain oblivious to a data breachMoreover, employees responsible for these incidents often don’t know why they are at fault. Read…

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UD helps customers adapt their Cyber Resiliency Framework to maintain Business Continuity and Financial Sustainability in the face of unrelenting cyber-attacks