Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (Managed EDR) Services

Your EDR should work smarter, more efficiently, and with minimal hassle. Let our hyper-responsive expert SOC co-manage it for you.

24x7. Always on duty. Instantly. Any EDR tool you have

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UnderDefense managed EDR services by the numbers

Alert to triage and enrich


Faster MTTR


MITRE ATT&CK framework coverage

Common endpoint security concerns and how we can help you solve them
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Which EDR solution is best for me?
Expert EDR solution management 
We specialize in managing EDR tech to implement the most effective solution for your needs.
Is my current EDR solution efficient against zero-day attacks and file-less malware?
24/7 Threat Detection & Response 
Our hyper-responsive SOC team monitors your endpoints for even the most sophisticated threats.
How can I make sure my employees don't fall victims to phishing scams or social engineering attacks?
Prioritized alerts & streamlined response
Our experts analyze and prioritize alerts, ensuring your IT team focuses on what matters most.
Can my IT team handle a major malware attack?
Rapid Incident Response & Remediation
We'll take care of a malware infection, quickly clean up the mess and get you back to business.
How can I ensure my company's sensitive data isn't exposed due to unsecured devices?
Proactive threat hunting
We actively hunts for threats, identifying vulnerabilities before they're exploited.
UnderDefense Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service benefits
Any EDR - you name it
We support a wide range of EDR technologies and seamlessly adapt to your existing tools or assist in selecting the best ones for your needs. 
Experienced security professionals
Our team of SOC professionals, including analysts, engineers, and incident responders, is dedicated to deploying, configuring, and monitoring your EDR solution.
UnderDefense MAXI platform
Achieve comprehensive endpoint protection, threat intelligence integration, automated incident response, and scalability, ensuring robust safeguarding of your organization's digital assets.
Why partner with UnderDefense for Managed EDR security service?
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Enhanced threat coverage
Our advanced endpoint technology ensures comprehensive visibility and threat coverage aligned with industry standards like MITRE ATT&CK.
Rapid incident response
Our expert team provides actionable guidance and utilizes automated incident response playbooks to contain and disrupt attacks quickly.
Proactive threat hunting
We proactively identify and mitigate emerging threats, leveraging our expertise to stay ahead of evolving risks.
Reduced operational burden
By analyzing and prioritizing EDR alerts, we alleviate the burden on your team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.
UnderDefense coverage: managed EDR services and more
Why we are better than our competitors
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Turn endpoints into your first line of defense with UnderDefense MAXI
Choose UnderDefense MAXI for real-time endpoint visibility, unified threat intelligence, and simplified threat detection across on-prem and cloud environments. Get MAXImum protection with minimal effort, empowering your security team effectively.
With UnderDefense MAXI, you can:
  • Сonsolidate all existing security tools within one platform and make them work harder from day one.
  • Automatically monitor all your digital assets and exposure to external risks 24/7.
  • Get immediate notifications about detected threats with actionable context for your decision support. 
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    Solve remediation challenges with UnderDefense MAXI MDR and 24x7 SOC/Threat Hunting team

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    24×7 turnkey MDR
    Ensure continuous monitoring and instant response for your entire IT ecosystem, regardless of its scale and complexity. Have a reliable SOC to solve your most pressing security concerns 24/7 using an innovative MDR platform and next-gen technologies.
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    Managed SIEM
    Make the most of your SIEM and reduce alert noise by over 80%. Enhance your event log management, protect the IT environment around the clock, increase data accuracy, and meet compliance requirements with professional co-managed SIEM services.
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    Cloud security
    Cloud can be hacked like any other infrastructure. Gain full control and visibility to grow confidently without adding more work to your in-house IT/DevOps team. Ensure instant threat detection, response, and remediation tailored exclusively for AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.
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    Frequently asked questions

    What is managed EDR?

    Managed endpoint detection and response is an outsourced security service that combines 24/7 monitoring, expert security analysis, and threat detection and response technologies. Managed endpoint solutions leverage endpoint telemetry and metadata to improve security visibility and threat detection.

    Who needs managed endpoint services?

    Managed endpoints services are highly-recommended for any modern organization, working online and having a distributed workforce. Endpoint security management solutions can enhance visibility across multicloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments. Additionally, they help augment internal security teams with skilled experts despite the global talent shortage.

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