Secure Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

Cloud can be hacked like any other infrastructure. Gain full control and visibility to grow with confidence, without adding more work 
to your in-house IT/DevOps team.

Use cloud security managed service by UnderDefense to ensure instant threat detection, response, and remediation tailored exclusively for AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.

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Yours main

cloud security

challenges can be solved

  • Multi-cloud complexity and misconfigurations
  • Cloud alert fatigue and no understanding which alerts are true offense
  • Regulatory compliance and security policies
  • Loss of control and visibility at any stage of growth
  • Multiple siloed tools that don’t fit together and generate noise
  • Lack of cloud security expertise and qualified staff to guarantee breaches won’t happen

Maximize your cloud investment with UnderDefense cloud managed security services

Cloud security assessment & recommendations
Unified, real-time view into hybrid & multi-cloud environments
Security automation with
pre-built & custom playbooks
24/7 live chat with SOC experts
Threat hunting, investigation, and enrichment made on autopilot
Effective cloud detection & response strategy available out-of-the-box
Implementation and fine-tuning 
of cloud security configurations 
& policies
Regulatory compliance & risk 
Full cloud security assessment to meet compliance requirements
Identify cloud misconfigurations and security gaps in 2 hours instead of 2 weeks. Use UnderDefense-written detections and assessment algorithms to strengthen your cloud defenses and ensure data integrity.  
Faster cloud security 
operations with out-of-the-box automation
UnderDefense platform combines human intelligence and technology to reduce noise and optimize your cloud security operations. Get actionable context for each alert in minutes, so your team can identify, prioritize, neutralize risks in no time.  
24/7 threat detection, response, and remediation guidance
Have an expert team with deep expertise in Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, and SaaS security whenever you need it. Detect and neutralize threats around the clock and on weekends. Get professional guidance and advice to recover quickly with minimum impact on business. 
Real-time security visibility across all your environments
We automatically monitor your external risks, classify them by severity, and calculate potential financial losses. All alert-to-fix timelines, dashboards, and reports are accessible via UnderDefense platform for you to keep control over your security and regulatory compliance.

For you to get a fully managed, cloud-based SIEM ready for log ingestion in your region


Accurate detection rate to filter out misleading cloud alerts in our SOC and point your attention to genuine threats


Instead of 2 weeks to detect your cloud misconfigurations, using UnderDefense-written detections


MITRE ATT&CK framework coverage for cloud infrastructure to guarantee prompt attack discovery in a kill chain

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Cloud security managed services for the leading technologies
When we say that we know all the ins and outs of cloud security, we mean it. UnderDefense provides special managed security services for cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Plus, we work with SaaS apps and containerized workloads running in Azure/Google/Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Engines.

How UnderDefense business
managed cloud security services work

UnderDefense pulls logs and signals from your cloud, SIEM, EDR, and other connected sensors via direct integration into your current security stack
The platform automatically enriches and investigates all the signals to filter out noise and highlight only genuine threats
We offer expert remediation guidance or perform it on your behalf to ensure smooth recovery
We expand your existing capabilities with 1000+ unique detection rules to cover all your use cases and never miss actual threatening activities
The UnderDefense MAXI platform collects the right data for forensic-level investigations from all your cloud and SaaS providers, allowing you to quickly get answers, recognize the root cause, and enforce an effective response plan

Human-driven, technology-powered 
cloud managed security

Proactive security
monitoring 24/7
Our SOC never sleeps. We monitor all genuine and possible threats across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, providing threat response, investigation, and remediation. Win back control over your security and always stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.
Highly qualified staff with
deep cloud expertise
Turn skill and talent shortage into someone else's problem. UnderDefense provides the best technologies and people to help you never miss anything. Reduce your staff’s workload and improve their efficiency with our business managed cloud security service.
Frictionless integration and
full control in your hands
UnderDefense platform seamlessly integrates with your cloud to bring out its full potential and manage its security efficiently and effectively 24/7. Make your current security tools work better with UnderDefense cloud managed security services.

Not sure where to begin?

Cloud platforms offer numerous growth opportunities. Yet, they equally throw down complex security challenges to stakeholders and security teams. With managed security services for on prem and cloud environments powered by innovative, enterprise-grade UnderDefense MAXI, your business protection becomes straightforward and efficient.

  • Your IT infrastructure and exposure to external risks are monitored 24/7
  • Every alert is reviewed, and every incident is analyzed and enriched with actionable context
  • Detailed reports and real-time dashboards are easily accessible via customer portal at any time
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clients say

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Accomplishments and recognitions, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation
Best CyberSecurity Provider 2023
Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services
#4 Splunk Boss of the SOC 2023 out 184 teams
#1 in Managed SIEM services 2023
Top Solution, Cyber threat intelligence
Top Cloud Security Company 2023
Top Cybersecurity Startup 2023
Best CyberSecurity Provider 2023
Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services
#4 Splunk Boss of the SOC 2023 out 184 teams
#1 in Managed SIEM services 2023
Top Solution, Cyber threat intelligence
Top Cloud Security Company 2023
Top Cybersecurity Startup 2023
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Frequently asked questions

How do business managed cloud security services by UnderDefense protect my data?

The UnderDefense security-as-a-service platform backed by the concierge team monitors your cloud environments 24/7/365. We detect, neutralize, and investigate threats early on to minimize the risk of a breach or data leakage.

How do you ensure cloud security?

UnderDefense provides comprehensive, high-quality cloud managed security services to help you strengthen defenses and automate security operations.

We regularly check your systems for misconfigurations and anomalies and provide clear recommendations on how to address them. Our SECaaS platform automatically monitors your risks and notifies you immediately about any findings. Finally, we ensure automated threat hunting and enrichment, a unified security view, assistance with cloud security configurations, and more.

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