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Secure your GCP with UnderDefense MAXI. Detect patterns and identify potential threats within your Google Cloud Platform environment.

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How does UnderDefense help strengthen your GCP security?
UnderDefense enhances data security by monitoring all cloud aspects - infrastructure, data sharing, enterprise applications, access management tools, and beyond. We amplify your existing security controls and provide comprehensive protection for your GCP environment.
Remove cloud security blind spots
Get comprehensive visibility into your cloud environment. We continuously monitor and analyze your infrastructure, configurations, and network traffic to ensure no potential security gaps go unnoticed.
Monitor suspicious activity
Recognize unauthorized access attempts, unusual network traffic patterns, and abnormal user behavior. We identify potential security threats early, allowing for rapid response and mitigation.
Extend detection and response to cloud threats
By integrating with GCP's native security controls and leveraging advanced threat intelligence, we identify and remediate cloud-specific threats such as misconfigurations, data breaches, and insider threats.
Risk management
Get comprehensive risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement effective risk mitigation strategies to safeguard your GCP infrastructure, data, and applications.
Why choose UnderDefense?
With complex configurations, hidden vulnerabilities, and limited resources, securing GCP is overwhelming. UnderDefense offers a unique combination of factors that set us apart:
Expert guidance
Seasoned security professionals who go beyond automation, offering real-world experience, best practice advice, and tailored solution development.
Comprehensive security coverage
We delve deep, analyzing your entire GCP environment beyond just logs, covering critical areas like IAM, resources, networks, containers, and data to eliminate blind spots.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Minimize risks and gain peace of mind with our proactive approach that actively searches for hidden vulnerabilities and potential attacks, not just relying on basic detection.
Streamlined efficiency
Receive clear action points on discovered threats, coupled with automated response capabilities for faster containment and minimized damage.
Flexible partnership
Choose the level of support that best fits your needs and budget, with options ranging from self-service tools to fully managed security solutions.
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UnderDefense MAXI: addressing your biggest GCP security pain points

UnderDefense MAXI provides a unified dashboard for real-time monitoring and insight into all aspects of GCP. It facilitates compliance while reducing operational costs and minimizing audit, forensics, and fraud detection efforts.

Complexity conquered
The platform is a central hub, unifying security management for diverse GCP services and configurations.
IAM made easy
We strengthen IAM by continuously analyzing configurations, detecting suspicious user activity, and enforcing the least privilege principles. 
Data fortress built
Get security features like sensitive data identification, access control monitoring, and encryption in transit and at rest. 
Visibility unlocked
Enable real-time insights by aggregating logs from various GCP services for more efficient security monitoring and analysis.
Threat response at your fingertips
Get notified about potential threats in time. Quickly mitigate damage and restore operations with our automated incident response capabilities.
Cost-effective security
A subscription-based model delivers comprehensive security without hefty upfront costs. It scales with your needs, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes. 
Integration & automation streamlined
The platform integrates seamlessly with existing security tools and enables automation of various security tasks, improving efficiency and effectiveness. 

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Best CyberSecurity Provider 2023
Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services
#4 Splunk Boss of the SOC 2023 out 184 teams
#1 in Managed SIEM services 2023
Top Solution, Cyber threat intelligence
Top Cloud Security Company 2023
Top Cybersecurity Startup 2023
Best CyberSecurity Provider 2023
Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services
#4 Splunk Boss of the SOC 2023 out 184 teams
#1 in Managed SIEM services 2023
Top Solution, Cyber threat intelligence
Top Cloud Security Company 2023
Top Cybersecurity Startup 2023
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Frequently asked questions

How do business managed cloud security services by UnderDefense protect my data?

The UnderDefense security-as-a-service platform backed by the concierge team monitors your cloud environments 24/7/365. We detect, neutralize, and investigate threats early on to minimize the risk of a breach or data leakage.

How do you ensure cloud security?

UnderDefense provides comprehensive, high-quality cloud managed security services to help you strengthen defenses and automate security operations.

We regularly check your systems for misconfigurations and anomalies and provide clear recommendations on how to address them. Our SECaaS platform automatically monitors your risks and notifies you immediately about any findings. Finally, we ensure automated threat hunting and enrichment, a unified security view, assistance with cloud security configurations, and more.