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Secure your AWS cloud with the UnderDefense MAXI platform

Our 24/7 AWS Security Monitoring service is your steadfast ally, relentlessly reducing the time to detect, investigate, and respond to threats. 

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Of breaches involve data stored in cloud environments


Our MITRE ATT&CK framework coverage for cloud infrastructure


Alert-to-Triage with enrichment and context automation

How do we help secure your AWS environment?
UnderDefense goes beyond basic monitoring, providing comprehensive security management and helping you achieve true peace of mind in your AWS cloud environment. Here is what we do:
Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • We scan your resources for known vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, and configurations, adhering to AWS security best practices outlined in the AWS well-architected framework.
  • We identify deviations from security best practices, including potential service control policy misconfigurations, that could expose your environment.
  • We prioritize the findings based on risk level, allowing you to focus on the most critical issues.
Suspicious activity
  • We track user behavior and system events for anomalies that might indicate unauthorized access or malicious activity.
  • We monitor for unusual login attempts, data exfiltration attempts, and other suspicious actions.
  • We provide detailed logs and alerts to help you investigate potential threats promptly.
Infrastructure changes
  • We track all changes made to your AWS resources, ensuring you have full visibility into who did what and when.
  • We identify unauthorized or unexpected changes that could indicate misconfiguration or tampering. 
  • We help you control your infrastructure and prevent accidental or malicious modifications.
24/7 threat detection
  • We continuously monitor your environment for threats around the clock.
  • We utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to detect even subtle signs of malicious activity. 
  • You receive immediate alerts when potential threats are identified, allowing you to act quickly.

How it works

How it works

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We're not just security experts, we're AWS experts.
Our team holds extensive certifications and practical experience, ensuring we understand the nuances of your cloud infrastructure and its unique security challenges.
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Our unique AWS security solutions with UnderDefense MAXI: automated monitoring excellence

We go beyond basic AWS monitoring with our flagship platform, offering a unique blend of automated tools and human expertise. Here's a deeper dive into UnderDefense MAXI's features and how it can benefit your AWS environment:

AI-driven threat detection
  • Advanced threat intelligence: Our proprietary algorithms and curated threat feeds actively hunt for the latest vulnerabilities and attack methods.
  • Machine learning anomaly detection: UnderDefense MAXI continuously learns your environment's normal behavior, identifying even subtle deviations that might indicate suspicious activity.
  • Automated correlation and enrichment: The platform intelligently connects disparate events and logs, providing a holistic view of potential incidents and prioritizing them based on risk.
Automation for efficiency
  • Automated security rules and playbooks: Define automated responses to specific threats, saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Automated patching and remediation: UnderDefense MAXI can automatically patch vulnerabilities and remediate known security issues.
  • Automated compliance reporting: Generate detailed reports on your security posture and compliance adherence, streamlining the process and saving resources.
Human expertise amplified
  • Security experts on standby: Our seasoned security professionals are always available to analyze complex threats, provide guidance, and fine-tune the configuration.
  • 24/7 threat hunting and investigation: We go beyond automated detection, offering continuous threat hunting and in-depth incident investigation. 
  • Customizable threat models and playbooks: We work with you to create custom threat models and playbooks tailored to your specific environment and security needs.
Additional features worth highlighting
  • Integration with diverse AWS services: UnderDefense MAXI seamlessly integrates with various AWS services, providing a unified view of your security posture.
  • Open API and custom integrations: Integrate UnderDefense MAXI with your existing SIEM or security tools for a holistic security ecosystem. 
  • Scalable and cloud-native architecture:UnderDefense MAXI scales automatically to accommodate your growing cloud environment and ensures optimal performance.
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Best CyberSecurity Provider 2023
Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services
#4 Splunk Boss of the SOC 2023 out 184 teams
#1 in Managed SIEM services 2023
Top Solution, Cyber threat intelligence
Top Cloud Security Company 2023
Top Cybersecurity Startup 2023
Best CyberSecurity Provider 2023
Gartner Peer Insights for MDR Services
#4 Splunk Boss of the SOC 2023 out 184 teams
#1 in Managed SIEM services 2023
Top Solution, Cyber threat intelligence
Top Cloud Security Company 2023
Top Cybersecurity Startup 2023
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Frequently asked questions

How do business managed cloud security services by UnderDefense protect my data?

The UnderDefense security-as-a-service platform backed by the concierge team monitors your cloud environments 24/7/365. We detect, neutralize, and investigate threats early on to minimize the risk of a breach or data leakage.

How does the UnderDefense MAXI platform enhance AWS security?

The UnderDefense MAXI platform provides advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring, and proactive defense mechanisms to identify and mitigate security risks within your AWS cloud. It leverages cutting-edge technologies and expert insights to bolster the security posture of your AWS environment.

What specific security challenges does the UnderDefense MAXI platform address for AWS users?

The UnderDefense MAXI platform addresses a wide range of security challenges AWS users face, including but not limited to, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, access control, data protection, compliance adherence, and incident response. It offers tailored solutions to the unique security needs of AWS cloud deployments.

How can I integrate the UnderDefense MAXI platform into my AWS environment?

Integrating the UnderDefense MAXI platform into your AWS environment is seamless and straightforward. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your security requirements, customize the platform to align with your specific needs, and provide guidance on implementation and configuration to ensure optimal security coverage for your AWS cloud.