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We support and guide any sized teams on their way to business continuity and growth. Prove that your organization is well-prepared for any cyber challenge and can protect sensitive information. Gain a solid competitive advantage and secure your thriving future.

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Benefits of security compliance and certification for your business

'Safe to do business with' status
Make security best practices a part of your business DNA. Convince future customers and partners of your reliability, maturity, and cybersecurity awareness.
More opportunities for thriving
Open up new possibilities for business development and growth. Enter new markets, stand out from the competition, and easily win the most lucrative deals.
Accelerated sales cycle
Have all documents ready for a successful pitch. Increase your business credibility and reduce the number of unnecessary pre-sales meetings.

How UnderDefense helps you achieve that

Experienced team at the right time
We hire the brightest security talents and provide you with all the compliance services and expertise, saving you thousands of dollars and months of recruiting and onboarding in-house.
Preparation of all compliance docs
We take on all meetings & policy adjustments, so you can focus on revenue-driving initiatives and not spend endless hours reading compliance docs.
Expert guidance on tech-related issues
We prepare all the technical tasks and control their implementation. And if you need a security specialist with specific skills, we provide them to do a high-quality job.

Compliant clients globally


Of compliance audits are passed successfully


Less time it’ll take for you to become compliant compared to industry average

We make security compliance simple

Our SECaaS platform and cyber compliance services help you gain and maintain compliance quickly and effectively. We leverage international NIST and CIS frameworks and guide you through all the stages from A to Z.

Covers the technical part and verifies that appropriate data protection software solutions are in place.
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Controls business associates and entities that process PHI to guarantee its safety and security.
Obligates organizations to ensure the safe storage, processing, and privacy of personal data in the EU and the European Economic Area.
ISO 27001
Deals with the procedural part to ensure that you have well-documented policies and procedures for safe data handling.
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Mandates companies that process credit card information to build and maintain a secure payment environment.

Not sure where to begin?

Start your compliance journey by verifying the conformance of your corporate policies and procedures (SOPs) to the regulatory requirements.

Sign up for UnderDefense MAXI platform and download our forever-free SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification kit to make preparations for compliance audits easy and efficient.

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Comply with your ambition for growth.
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A Free plan includes:

  • Platform access to evaluate your external exposure
  • Active external risk assessment
  • SOC2 ready policy kit
  • ISO 27001 ready policies and ISMS framework with all templates
  • Detailed executive reports
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Leaked credential & password monitoring
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Includes Free plan, plus:

  • Cybersecurity assessment & certification preparation
  • Toolkit for endpoint protection and log management
  • Amazon AWS cloud security assessment
  • External & Internal vulnerability monitoring
  • 3rd party threat feeds
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Includes Standard, plus:

  • Fine-tuning of cybersecurity monitoring
  • Creation of tech tasks and implementation follow-up
  • Penetration testing services (required by SOC2 and ISO 27001)
  • Unlimited support during compliance audit
  • Re-certification
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What documents you will get

Assessment of the current OCI cybersecurity
A detailed report about the current state of cybersecurity in your organization. It includes information about the presence/absence of policies and procedures, vital security software solutions, and other issues preventing your team from becoming compliant.
Report: Determination of the OCI target maturity profile
A comprehensive document describing what must be changed, improved, or updated to meet the strictest compliance requirements.
Report: Implement action plan
A step-by-step guide to effectively drive you towards the targeted cyber security profile. It offers an action plan for you to improve internal processes, create missing policies and procedures, configure security software, and verify all the existing settings.
The roadmap for the implementation of the developed recommendations.
An exhaustive and clear cybersecurity roadmap for the next 6 months created with your business needs and goals in mind.
Report: Assessment of the current OCI cybersecurity
A thorough report based on the internal audit performed by the UnderDefense team. It analyzes the correctness of implemented changes and your readiness for a specific compliance audit conducted by an external auditor.

Exclude a possibility of compliance failure

Get certified quickly and continue growing together with UnderDefense.
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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to become compliant?

The necessary time for actual assessment, implementation of changes, and preparation for business compliance audits directly depends on the company's size and current security posture. However, the process takes from 6 to 12 months on average. We recommend talking to our specialists for a more accurate estimate.

How much does compliance cost?

The final cost of cyber security compliance depends on the organization's size, availability of policies and procedures, security software solutions in place, and more.

When can UnderDefense get to work?

We can start all the preparatory activities right after signing the contract. Don't hesitate to contact our sales department to dot the i's and cross the t's.

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