Cyber Resiliency starts here

Coordinated and operational Cyber Security

Aligning Cyber Security with Digital Transformation: protecting global networks, digital platforms, and your most valuable enterprise data across the world


Deep industry expertise and proven cybersecurity knowledge allow us to introduce next-gen cybersecurity solutions to protect your business.

Advisory & Assessment Services

Management consulting to achieve a Cyber Resilient posture by assessing and understand your organization’s current security risks and helping to develop a risk-based, strategic security action plan. 

Security Architecture & Implementation Services

Leverage industry best practices to build and design security architecture and implement cyber resiliency from the very start.

Incident Response & Managed Defense

No network or company can be 100% immune to attack. Recover from incident faster. Contain and remediate critical security incidents quickly and restore normal business operations.

Industry Solutions

Leveraging integrated global resources and advanced technologies, UD team has cyber security decisiones for different industries.

Awards & Recognition

UnderDefense is continually recognized as a key security solutions provider by independent, third-party networks and research organizations.

Clutch top Cyber Security Company in 2020

UnderDefense awarded as Top Cyber Security Consultants company in 2020 Worldwide, ranked as #2 in Clutch leaders matrix among 3,674 Firms

Ranked as a best 1% of companies in CyberSecurity at the Manifest

Proud to state that we are ranked #5 among more than 300 CyberSecurity Companies at The Manifest

Gartner Top 10 Security Consulting Vendor

Ranked among top 10 Security Consultants worldwide by Gartner Peer Insights

Boss of the SOC at Splunk .conf2019

At the Splunk.conf event in Las Vegas, we participated in an amazing challenge Boss of the SOC and got 9th place among 1357 participating teams

#3 at SecOps in EU

Won a bronze medal in the International Exercise and Conference on Security Operations challenge in Budapest

Best SIEM provider by Comparitech

Rated as the best Security information and event management service provider according to Comparitech research 

Customer testimonial:

Expertise and Services

Security Monitoring

24x7x365 UD will watch your network & protect you from Malicious Actors and Advanced Persistent Threats

Compliance & Audit

Get compliant fast and easy. SOC2, ISO 27001,
PCI DSS, GDPR we know them inside out

Incident Response

You need answers fast. Investigate, contain, and remediate critical security incidents quickly and efficiently

Penetration Testing

Find your weaknesses before hackers do. Regular health check is a must for a successful company

Why UnderDefense?



Ranked by the best technology compаnies – We are the ones who are recommended by Gartner, Clutch, and The Manifest. Our professionalism is confirmed by experts.



Chosen by world industries` leaders – Our clients include some of the most successful private equity companies worldwide. We protect companies, which are trusted by the whole world.



Awards that everyone would be proud of – We have got numerous awards and recognitions for cybersecurity consulting and managed cybersecurity services in all of the top categories. 

Join the trusted circle that already relies on us:

Get the Help You Need

UD helps customers create and adapt Cyber Resiliency Framework to maintain Business Continuity and Financial Sustainability in the face of unrelenting cyber-attacks

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