Detecting invisible:
passwords stealers on MacOS with blind EDR

Learn how to detect stealthy macOS threats that bypass even the most advanced EDR systems. Join Andrew Hural and elite Threat Hunters to understand:

  • Why macOS is not immune to password stealers and account takeovers.
  • How attackers exploit stolen credentials to infiltrate systems undetected.
  • Practical strategies to detect and mitigate these elusive threats.


Andrew Hural, MDR Director
Inside Look: mastering advanced detection engineering for MacOS threats
MacOS is just as vulnerable to malicious exploits as any other OS. Password stealers and account takeovers are gateways for attackers to stealthily penetrate systems and evade detection at the endpoint level. Even sophisticated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems can sometimes be blind to such malware, and it's crucial to understand WHY they fail to detect the malware. In this type of attack, the attacker uses stolen or leaked login credentials (usernames and passwords) from one system (e.g., a web) to gain access to another system (e.g., a VPN), making it damn hard to detect.
However, it is still possible to DETECT and MITIGATE these threats. Join Andrew Hural and a team of top Threat Hunters as they reveal practical strategies to outsmart these threats.

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