Jan 20, 2021


UnderDefense and Accedian Partner to Deliver Cyber Resiliency Suite

UnderDefense and Accedian announced the launch of a partnership product to provide businesses with a suite of cyber security services. The main aim of our team is to guarantee our customers cyber resilience as a key pillar of modern digital businesses.

According to Mimecast’s The State of Email Security Report 2020, 31% of organizations had data loss due to a lack of cyber resilience preparedness. The experience of 2020 has shown that cyber resilience strategies coupled with fortified cybersecurity awareness training will be critical to keeping the business operating efficiently.

Cyber Resiliency practice helps Boards and C-Suites with existing Cyber Resiliency frameworks balance spend between IT budgets, as it evolves to implement exciting and value-creating technologies and Security budgets to protect against new attack vectors and cyber risks these transformations create

“Accedian and UnderDefense have invested heavily to bring greater speed of reaction, discovery, and threat mitigation to both give control back to CIOs and to provide our clients with a dynamically-adaptive Detection & Response, IR, and Ethical Hacking framework. You can invest in solutions like MDR, a SIEM, or a SOC, but you’re buying technology without context if you don’t address cyber resiliency through a business continuity lens and incorporate network based threat analytics”, – says Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO and Founder of UnderDefense. 

Choosing UD and Accedian partnership services, customers get the implementation of an individual cyber resiliency readiness program: end-to-end hybrid enterprise and cloud infrastructure observability, continuous monitoring of network traffic for insights into anomalous behavior, responsive action to incidents, and cyber security consulting. A comprehensive cyber resiliency framework allows businesses to react when facing new cyber threats and potential breaches promptly. 

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Accedian and UnderDefense Collaborate to Deliver Cyber Resiliency Suite

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