UnderDefense’s engineer unlocked Splunk certifications

We are pleased to be a Spunk partner and now our security analysts are awarded and holding Splunk certifications. Slunk Inc. is a company producing software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a Web-style interface.

We have chosen this platform to do real-time security monitoring, historical analysis and visualization of massive data sets with the ability to perform comprehensive incident investigations, maintain a proactive defense and support the creation of ad hoc reports in minutes.

UnderDefense Splunk professional team has taken multiple Splunk courses and got certificates that show their experience. This education and training certification is accessible for Splunk Partners showing the level of the knowledge of the product.

Here is a list of the achieved certifications by our Lead SOC analyst Daniel Zhuravchak that show his professionalism and knowledge.

He is holding the following  Splunk certifications:

  • Splunk Certified Consultant I
  • Splunk Administrator
  • Splunk Power User
  • Splunk Sales Engineer II
  • Splunk User
  • Splunk Sales Rep II
  • Splunk Sales Rep II
  • Splunk Sales IT & App
  • Splunk UBA User

UnderDefense is also a developer of Splunk apps and add-ons like:

  1. App for Eset Remote Administrator | Splunkbase (21 installs/ 55 downloads)
  2. TA for Eset Remote Administrator | Splunkbase ( 41 installs / 127 downloads)
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