Manifest recognizes UnderDefense as a top company

The Manifest Recognizes UnderDefense as One of the Most-Reviewed Cybersecurity Companies Worldwide

Nov 18, 2022

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At UnderDefense, we are happy to help our beloved clients – entrepreneurs & companies all around the globe looking to protect their businesses from ever-increasing cyber threats. We know it isn’t easy to keep your business afloat, especially at this turbulent time. It means keep going, keep supporting communities, and keep caring about employees & their families

For us, nothing feels more heartwarming than the appreciation shown by our customers. We are proud to announce that the Manifest has recognized UnderDefense as a top company. Their recent market research shows that we are one of the most-reviewed cybersecurity companies in the world. This award means a lot to us as it shows our team brings value to our customers and makes this world a safer place.

Like our clients, UnderDefense keeps moving forward, keeps finding new innovative solutions, and creates new security capabilities to combat tomorrow’s threats today.

We appreciate the gratitude expressed by our customers. Many thanks to the Manifest & the Clutch. Let’s keep on going!

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