Jan 16, 2020

Written by UnderDefense

2019 in numbers

2019 was a very productive and eventful year for UnderDefense team. We’ve changed a lot and accomplished many awesome things.
Our team is happy that you have been witnessing us grow and mature. That is why we would like to share some of our most notable achievements for 2019 with you.

Key Achievements 2019:

  • 2X growth in revenue with the same amount of people (39 engineers)
  • $965K estimated savings on cyber incidents for our clients
  • Moved up in Clutch and becoming # 3 out of 1940+ companies globally
  • 2TB/day we manage with Splunk for our customer 
  • 6 Incident Response and Forensics projects to fight Ransomware
  • New dedicated SOC space created in our office in Lviv (Ukraine) 
  • 10 running SOC customers
  • 22000 endpoints managed currently by us in Germany, Malta, and Sweden
  • 26 Penetration testing projects completed 
  • 6 virtual CISO projects
  • 4M macOS devices protected by our antivirus lab from malware and other threats 
  • 40 new certifications in Splunk big data platform, AWS, Google Cloud, Security (OSCP,OCSE) and ECA
  • 7 Splunk Pilots
  • 20 Conferences in 2019 visited and spoken at by our experts and engineers 
  • 47 successful projects
  • 114, 380 overall alerts resolved by our SOC and MDR teams
  • new partnerships and alliance
  • 9th place at Boss of the SOC competition at Splunk .CONF conference in Las Vegas
  • 12th place out of 2341 teams on X-MAS CTF 
  • 12 company-wide social activities
  • 2 certified SOC2 clients by us
  • 2 new Splunk Professional services certified Engineers
  • 1 new OSCE certified engineer
  • 2 new 1-day exploits developed

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