CISO Answers – with Michael Schindler

by | May 28, 2019 | Insights

CISO Answers – Interview with Michael Schindler

#CISOAnswers is a series of interviews with thought leaders in IT/IS seasoned with valuable insights on a variety of important topics.

Watch our interview with – Michael Schindler – a leader with strong roots in the global cybersecurity community and the Dallas area. He has over 23 years of IT experience in cybersecurity, storage engineering, network engineering, messaging, datacenter development, consulting, training, and IT compliance. Michael is an exCISO, founder of non-profit cybersecurity organization in Texas and currently Sales Engineer at ENSILO.

Michael Schindler gives some handy-dandy advice for SMBs on most efficient security controls to be in place, future trends in cybersecurity, benefits of being in the cybersecurity community and standing alone vs. with a partner against cybersecurity threats.

Podcast Host: Viktoria Miliar, Head of BD at UnderDefense

Guest: Michael Schindler, Sales Engineer at ENSILO

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