Managed Detection and Response
for Healthcare

Diagnose cyber threats fast with UnderDefense MDR. We keep your data secure so you can focus on healing, not headaches.

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Why do healthcare organizations
need MDR services?

Data protection

Safeguarding sensitive patient information

Continuous monitoring

24/7 detection of cyber threats

Advanced threat detection

Identifying sophisticated attacks

Compliance requirements

Meeting regulatory standards like HIPAA

Cybersecurity expertise

Access to specialized professionals

Rapid incident response

Immediate action in case of security breaches

Cost-effective solutions

Outsourced security at predictable costs

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Challenges healthcare organizations face are now solved with UnderDefense support
Resource constraints
We use your current tools and offer flexible models to maximize cybersecurity investments, overcoming resource constraints while maintaining protection.
Supply chain risks
We secure critical data across all environments, from cloud to endpoints. With direct access to SOC, advanced threat detection, and continuous monitoring, we proactively address supply chain risks.
Legacy systems
We prioritize intelligent tools and advanced technologies to secure legacy systems and infrastructure against cyber threats, ensuring modernized defenses while maintaining compatibility with existing setups.
Data privacy concerns
We provide robust protection for sensitive patient data through advanced threat detection and continuous monitoring. Dynamic reporting tracks progress, addressing vulnerabilities to enhance data privacy and security.
Staff awareness
We provide expert-driven threat-hunting and mitigation services to complement internal security efforts, enhancing staff awareness and strengthening your organization's security posture.
Compliance maze
We offer personalized compliance guidance for HIPAA and GDPR requirements. Our team assists in implementing necessary security measures, ensuring compliance while safeguarding patient data integrity.
Let's safeguard patient data and ensure regulatory compliance together
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Benefits UnderDefense provides

24/7 vigilance
24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, proactive threat hunting, investigation, and response
Ransomware resilience
We safeguard your operations from disruptions caused by ransomware attacks, ensuring patient care remains uninterrupted.
UnderDefense MAXI platform
Comprehensive endpoint protection, threat hunting at scale, automated investigation and containment of threats, and incident response orchestration.
Dedicated experts
Skilled threat hunters, certified security analysts, and incident response teams uncover and neutralize attacks before they result in damages.
Get full transparency and control with UnderDefense MAXI platform
  • See what our SOC team sees:
    Get real-time access to the monitoring dashboard to understand how they defend your business.
  • Be the master of your domain:
    Take full control over your environment settings, and ensure your defenses align with your needs.
  • Automate like a pro:
    Use pre-defined incident response playbooks or create your own to ensure fast and effective action against threats.
  • Tap into expert guidance:
    Get 24/7 access to experienced security professionals ready to answer your questions and offer insights.
  • Measure and improve:
    Assess your cyber security effectiveness with detailed reports to make data-driven decisions.
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Managed endpoint security services FAQ

What are the cyber risks healthcare organizations may face?

Healthcare organizations may face various cyber risks, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, insider threats, and malware infections. These risks can compromise sensitive patient data, operational disruptions, financial loss, and damage to reputation.

What are some specific features to look for in an MDR solution?

When selecting an MDR solution, consider advanced threat detection capabilities, continuous monitoring, direct access to a Security Operations Center (SOC), real-time incident response, compliance support, integration with existing security tools, and dynamic reporting on security posture and vulnerabilities. Additionally, look for a provider with expertise in healthcare cybersecurity and a successful threat mitigation track record.

How does an MDR solution enhance healthcare cybersecurity?

An MDR solution enhances healthcare cybersecurity by providing comprehensive protection across all environments, including cloud, networks, endpoints, and critical data repositories. MDR services proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats through advanced threat detection and continuous monitoring, safeguarding sensitive patient information. Direct access to a SOC and personalized compliance guidance help healthcare organizations navigate regulatory requirements effectively, ensuring compliance with standards like HIPAA and GDPR.

What steps can healthcare organizations take to improve cybersecurity awareness among staff?

Healthcare organizations can improve cybersecurity awareness among staff through regular training and education programs focused on identifying and responding to security threats. These programs should cover phishing awareness, password security, safe internet browsing practices, and the importance of reporting suspicious activities. Additionally, organizations can conduct simulated phishing exercises to test employee readiness and reinforce cybersecurity best practices.

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