UnderDefense MDR for Microsoft 365

Comprehensive cyber threat detection, investigation, and response services tailored for your Microsoft environment and beyond.

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Why isn't having just Microsoft Defender enough for security?
Microsoft Defender offers a good starting point, but MDR takes security a step further. It proactively addresses Defender's limitations and safeguards your entire IT environment.
Microsoft Defender
Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
Baseline protection for Microsoft products and services
Comprehensive coverage across the entire IT environment, including endpoints, networks, cloud services, and third-party applications
Relies on signature-based detection and built-in features
Utilizes advanced threat detection technologies such as behavioral analytics, machine learning, and threat intelligence to identify and mitigate threats
Limited to reactive incident response after detection
24/7 proactive monitoring and rapid incident response by cybersecurity experts, minimizing the impact of breaches on operations and reputation
May lack scalability and customization options
Tailors security measures to address the specific needs of an organization, providing scalability and customization as required
Limited support for compliance requirements
Assists in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance by implementing robust security controls and providing documentation of security practices
May lack expertise in complex security challenges
Access to cybersecurity professionals with specialized knowledge and tools, offering guidance and support for addressing complex security challenges
Limited visibility beyond the Microsoft ecosystem
Comprehensive visibility and insights across the entire IT environment
Limited to Microsoft-supported platforms
Support for a wide range of platforms and technologies, ensuring protection across diverse IT environments
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How do you boost your Microsoft tools 
with UnderDefense MDR?
Maximized XDR protection
We go beyond basic configuration. Our experts fine-tune built-in detection features within your Microsoft Defender XDR, ensuring the best possible coverage with minimal false positives. This reduces alert noise and prioritizes real threats.
Full SIEM potential
We offer clear setup instructions and guidance for integrating existing connectors and fine-tuning built-in correlation rules. We create custom rules for any log source to ensure that your Microsoft Sentinel is perfectly tailored to your environment.
Microsoft environment hardening
We offer comprehensive support for security hardening in your Microsoft environment. You get expert recommendations and consultations on the best practices to ensure maximum protection.
Custom correlation rules
We go beyond SIEM's built-in capabilities and create custom correlation rules for any log source, addressing the limitations of existing connectors. They enhance your ability to detect sophisticated threats that might slip through the cracks.
Uninterrupted 24/7 protection
We investigate and analyze all alerts your security systems generate to identify potential security threats. We promptly notify you if a threat is detected, enabling a rapid response to minimize any potential damage.
Benefits of UnderDefense MDR Solution

Faster response with automation

UnderDefense's MAXI platform automates incident response, offering full security visibility, direct SOC access, on-demand hunts, and dynamic vulnerability reports for constant operational security.

Leveraging your existing tools

UnderDefense integrates with your current cybersecurity tools, ensuring compatibility and simplifying data synchronization while providing comprehensive protection

Flexible partnership options

UnderDefense offers flexible cooperation models tailored to your needs, whether you require an extension to your existing SOC, a turnkey service, a co-managed SIEM service, or assistance building a SOC from scratch.
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Get full transparency and control with UnderDefense MAXI platform
  • SOC visibility:
    See what our SOC team does to protect your business against advanced cyberattacks.
  • Environment control:
    Have absolute control over your environment settings.
  • Custom Incident Response:
    Use pre-defined or create custom incident response playbooks.
  • 24/7 expert advice:
    Get expert guidance round the clock.
  • Effectiveness assessment:
    Assess your cybersecurity effectiveness and generate informative reports for management.

Managed endpoint security services FAQ

What is UnderDefense's approach to MDR for Microsoft?

UnderDefense's approach to MDR for Microsoft involves comprehensive protection tailored specifically for the Microsoft ecosystem. Our solution encompasses continuous monitoring, advanced threat detection, rapid incident response, and proactive security measures across all Microsoft platforms, including Azure, Office 365, and Windows environments.

How does MDR for Microsoft improve my time to value?

MDR for Microsoft enhances your time to value by providing immediate benefits upon implementation. With proactive threat monitoring and rapid incident response, potential security issues are detected and addressed swiftly, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact of cyber threats on your organization's operations.

Is MDR for Microsoft scalable as my organization grows?

Yes, MDR for Microsoft is highly scalable to accommodate your organization's growth. Whether you expand your Microsoft infrastructure, add new users, or integrate additional services, our solution can seamlessly adapt to meet your evolving security needs without compromising performance or effectiveness.

How does MDR for Microsoft help reduce organizational overhead?

MDR for Microsoft helps reduce organizational overhead by offloading the burden of cybersecurity management and monitoring tasks. With our solution, your IT team can focus on strategic initiatives and core business activities. At the same time, our dedicated cybersecurity experts handle continuous threat monitoring, incident response, and compliance management, ultimately reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.

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