Press Release

Jan 5, 2018

Wispi, the popular free cross-platform mobile communications app () contacted UnderDefence in December 2017, seeking to assess and further enhance the security of Wispi users’ communication and privacy protection. Although we confirm that all communication between the app and servers are secured using industry standard encryption protocols, we have made some additional recommendations to better counter potential malicious attempts. Wispi takes users’ privacy and data protection very seriously and we are proud to be selected as their team of security experts. As a Proof we providing following PCAP file available to download and compare it with any other independent analysis. On video below you can also find recording of validation process. Login credentials (phone number and account name) was hidden on Video. We utilized Wireshark to sniff traffic from Android and iOS Mobile Applications version 3.0.312.1.
Nazar Tymoshyk

CEO, UnderDefense

Video of Wispi Mobile App protocol security testing: