UnderDefense MDR in action:

Protecting Kubernetes on AWS from Exploits

The award-winning MDR team uses the UnderDefend MAXI platform as to detect, investigate, and respond quickly and effectively to an attack on the cloud in real time.

Thu, June 20
11 AM EST | 5 PM CET
You will learn
MAXImize the effectiveness of your security tools and increase ROI.

Watch an award-winning MDR team detecting and responding to an attack LIVE.

How to create alerts with context that provide comprehensive answers about threats for faster investigations.

How using a custom database of correlation rules can speed up threat detection and response.

How Playbooks can automate initial response actions, saving time and ensuring effectiveness.

How UnderDefense immediately informs clients about threats, provides remediation guidelines, and necessary on-the-spot security awareness training.

Devin Lalani
CyberSecurity Expert
Helping businesses to find the most suitable security solutions for their unique needs.
Andriy Hural
MDR & IR Director
Cybersecurity Veteran, Incident Response Expert, and MDR/IR Director at UnderDefense.
Vasyl Herman
DevSecOps Engineer
Guiding a high-performing DevSecOps team to secure your organization’s cloud infrastructure.
UnderDefense MDR Incident Response Workflow during attack on AWS Cloud
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An attacker exploits a vulnerable PHP application hosted on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) to inject a web-shell script into the Web Directory and gain initial access to the AWS Environment. 
UnderDefense's MDR team detects compromises in file integrity and exfiltration of instance credentials through UnderDefense MAXI Integrations. generic alerts coming from various integrations (Security Hub, Elastic Cloud).
Enrichment starts with running the pre-defined automation Playbook.
Security Incidents created in the UnderDefense MAXI for further enrichment, tracking, and processing by a security analyst.
The team closely monitors the attacker's attempts to maintain persistence within the AWS Environment. The SOC analyst investigates the enriched data of the alert and defines the verdict.
Speakers show the other side of the AWS Cloud attack experience: how fast a client is informed about the attack and receives the necessary guidelines on remediation to minimize the impact on business. 
The SOC analyst closes the incident after the threat is contained and eradicated.
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This webinar is designed for:
CISO, CIO, CTO, and other IT and Security Executives 
Discover a new tool that has a strategic value in protecting the cloud environment and the overall business.
Business and Digital Leaders 
Helping to visualize the potential consequences and the importance of proactive defense without breaking the bank.
Cybersecurity Managers
Stay up-to-date on the latest threats and tactics, giving a realistic picture of how these attacks unfold.
Cybersecurity Engineers
Gain valuable knowledge about attack methods, evaluate security solutions, and learn best practices for securing the cloud.
Learn how to automate routine tasks and keep your business protected 24/7
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