Lean security how-to webinar series

Episode 4: Cyber Resilience 201 — AWS Cloud Security

Welcome to the next episode of our Cyber Resilience series from Airiam and UnderDefense. During the session, you’ll learn how to build a ransomware-resistant infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code (IaC). You’ll dive deep into the crucial roles of monitoring and damage assessment, know cutting-edge techniques for quick recovery, and find out how SOAR automation can help you block attacks and swiftly redeploy the compromised infrastructure.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How the shared responsibility model of AWS impacts your security

Practical strategies to secure your AWS infrastructure

Step-by-step guide on preventing, withstanding, and recovering from cyberattacks

Real-world scenarios and case studies of AWS cyberattacks

Tools and resources to aid in your cybersecurity efforts

Insights from industry experts on staying ahead of cyber threats

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Nazar Tymoshyk

CEO, UnderDefense

Art Ocain

CISO, Airiam

Vasyl Herman

AWS DevOps Engineer, UnderDefense

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