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You Choose SIEM. We Enhance Event Log Management

Keep business infrastructure under protection, increase data accuracy, decrease MTTD and MTTR, and prevent data breaches.


  • Make security software work together
  • Structure raw event log data
  • Get transparent reports and notifications
  • React faster to the emerged threats
  • Keep sensitive data in the safe zone

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Be aware of what’s going on inside your infrastructure 24/7/365

We’ll stand by you around the clock, monitor and analyze logs across your whole IT environment to help you keep your data in the safe zone.

Meet security standards, reach new customers and implement cyber security strategy into life.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Become compliant with GDPR, SOC 2, PCI DSS requirements. Collect and analyze data 24/7 to define security threats and react to them immediately.

Win Enterprise-Level Customers

Show your most profitable customers that you are ready to prevent and react to supply chain attacks, and meet ISMS requirements.

Focus on Your Business Goals

Understand the risks, harden security posture with a world-class managed SIEM service and shift security operations to professionals.


Get a cost-effective approach to SIEM management. Customize your security and pay only for what you use.

What is Managed SIEM?

Managed SIEM or SIEM as a Service is an alternative method of SIEM administration when you involve an experienced provider to take care of log collecting, management, and notifications about suspicious activity.

Managed SIEM solution as a part of our custom MDR service fits perfectly for companies with a limited budget or with a lack of security expertise.

Choose managed SIEM service you need, we’ll do the rest ourselves

It doesn’t matter which goals you pursue, we promise that we’ll help you choose the best combinations of software or make your existing tools work better to give you easy-to-read reports and let you react to incidents faster and more efficiently.

When an incident occurs we respond immediately

Notifying about the incident and understanding how critical this incident is – is the baseline of a successful and efficient reaction to the threat.

If there is a mess in processing log data across IT infrastructure, your response team will be blind, even if it is the best team on the entire planet. It’s impossible to react adequately if you don’t know how critical the incident is and if you don’t know anything about it.

Involve vendor-agnostic partner and get more from existing security software

It doesn’t matter whether you use legacy cyber security software or don’t have established security tech yet. We’ll help you get more.

Easy to get started, no upfront commitment, pay as you go

No hidden commissions or expenses.

Pay only for what you use. Define the number of endpoints you want to monitor, choose SIEM, and get started.

Level up log and threat management and get value-based reports

No more mess and garbage in reports and notifications.

Get easy-to-read data about what happened, when it happened, and how to solve the issue. We get rid of excessive, useless data and give you only what you need to deal with a problem.

Unleash the full potential of managed SIEM service

Get a Cost-Effective Solution

No need to hire your own in-house cyber security team, install and maintain software on-premise.

Monitor Security Posture 24/7

Get notifications if something suspicious is happening. Be sure that you are secure at any time.

Get Experienced SOC Analytics

Involve an experienced SOC team that follows cutting-edge cyber security trends and brings them to life.

Protect Sensitive Data

Meet security monitoring standards, be compliant and keep your sensitive data in the safe zone.

Get Technical Support

You have questions – we have answers. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you want. Every detail matters.

Improve Dwell Time

React to the threats immediately with easy-to-perceive notifications. Know what happened, when, and what to do about it.

Improve Log Management

Get less redundant and false-positive alerts. React only to what really matters.

Receive Transparent Reports

Get metrics that matter. No redundant data that could mislead you.Custom reports that bring unique value.


How much does the managed SIEM services cost?

The cost of managed security information and event management (SIEM as a service) may vary depending on several factors. Contact sales to get a quote.

What data as an managed SIEM provider are you going to see in my environment and have access to?

We, as a cyber security and managed SIEM services company, analyze only incident metadata for correlation purposes like IP addresses, hostnames, and a hash of the file. As a SIEM provider, we don’t have access to PII and other sensitive data unless requested by the client.

When can we get started?

We have a flexible approach, but it all depends on the specific situation. We encourage you to contact sales and we’ll evaluate how quickly we can get started.

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