UnderDefense becomes a member of MPN (Microsoft Partner Network)

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Company News

UnderDefense enters strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure

Companies in various industries increasingly choose cloud as a primary location to store data or plan to migrate to the cloud. Such infrastructure is much more flexible for data modernization and analysis. But also among the main reasons for such transformation in the first place is cybersecurity and data protection.

UnderDefense selected Azure as main cloud platform to support Enterprise customers and becomes part of MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) to deliver better Incident Response and Managed Security Services.

Current UnderDefense partnerships, certifications and competence include also GCP and AWS where we serve our SMB &customers from Technology domain. The hassle we are going to solve for our Enterprise customers as part of their Cyber Resilience control include:

– Onboarding new customers to the UnderDefense service in minutes

– Implement MITRE ATT&CK detection coverage in a mixed Cloud environment

– UnderDefense investigation of Microsoft Defender ATP, LogicApps SOAR and Sentinel SIEM for alerts and telemetry

– Minimization of false positives and Massive automation with SOAR Provide on-demand

– Inicdent Response & Cloud based Digital Forensics (C-DFIR)

– 24×7 Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)

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