Incident Response Plan Template

A cyberattack is a WHEN, not an IF. Don't waste time scrambling. This pre-built template gets you started FAST, with a customizable framework to fit your organization's needs.

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Be incident ready, not incident reactive:
why you need an Incident Response Plan Template
Fast-Track Compliance
Many regulations (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.) mandate organizations have a documented incident response plan. A pre-built template jumpstarts your compliance efforts by providing a framework that aligns with relevant regulations. It saves you time and resources in building a plan from scratch.
Minimize Business Disruption
An Incident Response Plan outlines steps for containing, eradicating, and recovering from an attack. This defined process minimizes confusion and wasted time, allowing you to get systems back online faster and reduce lost revenue.
Streamline Crisis Response
A well-crafted plan assigns roles and responsibilities for each stage of the incident response process. This clarity ensures everyone knows who to contact and what actions to take, facilitating clear communication and efficient decision-making during a critical situation.
Inside downloadable
Incident Response Plan Template
with pre-defined steps and procedures, and industry best-practices
Customizable IR Report Template
Allows efficiently document security incidents and ensure a clear understanding of each event for future reference and improvement.
Communication Plan
A comprehensive strategy for communicating with stakeholders and clients during an incident.
Plan Activation
Clear instructions on when and how to activate the incident response plan.
Incident Response Team
Pre-defined roles and responsibilities for each team member.
Incident Response Team Contact List
A central location to store contact information for all response team members.
Detailed Incident Response Procedure
Outlines how to identify, contain, eradicate, recover from, and learn from the incident, minimizing damage and downtime.
Incident Communications
Established protocols for clear and timely communication throughout the incident response process.
Annual Review & Approval of this Policy
Ensure your IRP stays current with an annual review and approval process.
First-Ever! Our comprehensive IRP template goes beyond traditional models by incorporating your MDR Provider into Incident Response Procedure. It specifically tailored to leverage the expertise and resources of your MDR partner.
Incident Proceeding with the MDR Provider
Guidance on integrating your MDR provider for faster and more effective response.
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