E-Mail under Attack.

Why EDR/AV/VA is insufficient, and MDR is a must

Webinar | Duration 1 hour

We are pleased to invite you to our Live Incident Response Case Study on Tuesday 9th of August 2022. 

Why it’s important

Email is one of the most valuable IT systems where organization share their plans, sensitive documents, chats….and even passwords.

UnderDefense, in cooperation with the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) participated in a series of Incident Response cases in H1’2022 and noticed that Russian hackers and Ransomware groups shifted their focus to breaking into E-Mail Systems (primary on Exchange and Zimbra).

In this specific case, CrowdStrike EDR was in place and spotted an initial foothold but missed other critical backdoors and TTPs which were later disarmed by the UnderDefense 24×7 MDR/SOC Team. And the attacker was eventually kicked out of the network.

Join this live webinar to proactively prepare your organization to respond to similar email-related attacks with proper IR playbooks and Threat Hunting best practices.


Tymoshyk Nazar

Ph.D. | Certified Ethical Hacker | CEO at UnderDefense

Nazar is a seasoned CyberSecurity veteran with diverse experience in security covering everything from Red Teaming (Penetration Testing), to Threat Hunting & IR, DevSecOps, blue teaming and AI. He is well versed in both Attack and Defense and is Breach prevention Automation. Currently he is acting CEO of UnderDefense at where he is leading the great MDR & R&D teams. Previous to funding UnderDefense he was a Security Consultant, served as CERT-UA Incident Response Analyst and Senior Penetration Tester.

Max Vernakov

Incident Response Automation Engineer, Certified Incident Responder (eCIR)

Max is a real master in Incident Response Automation, Splunk Phantom and Python. His passion is building a complex python-based playbooks and fully utilizing power of APIs provided by different EDR/SIEM/IPS/NTA to help safe the world against new tricks used by malicious actors.