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“UnderDefense helped us reduce time to investigation from weeks to hours or even minutes, allowing us to focus our time on key problems more effectively and limit time spent on false positives. With this we can confidently provide our customers with a guarantee that their businesses and data is secured 24/7”.

CISO, National Telecommunications Group


UnderDefense Security Operations Center is a 24x7x365 Cybersecurity Defense through managing the security of all your network devices, servers, and Cloud Infrastructure. Our professional cybersecurity experts assist organizations with anomaly and intrusion detection, providing deep analysis and alerting of suspicious events, identifying gaps in existing security controls, and highlighting advanced persistent threat (APT) behavior.

Intrusion detection

Alerting of suspicious events

Deep analysis

Identifying gaps

UnderDefense SOC team provides the 360-degree security visibility that you need for full situational awareness across your cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments. Our approach combines the essential capabilities your organization needs into a single solution, including asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, SIEM, log management, and threat prevention.

360-degree visibility 

How we do it:


Fully-managed Security Operations Center includes 24/7/365 monitoring of your IT environment by experienced, highly trained and certified security experts. UnderDefense Security Operations Center (SOC) team will monitor and analyze activity across your IT assets, continuously reducing false positives, and provide timely notifications of any security incidents along with remediation guidance. You gain peace of mind that your IT security environment is being monitored around the clock by UnderDefense’s security experts. You can easily see and understand what is happening in your IT environment without the heavy lifting – as our UnderDefense SOC client you get a full visibility into your security having a full access to an online reporting portal that provides real-time updates and a summary of the current state of your security, including:

  • Operational dashboards
  • Reports for security, management and compliance
  • Full access to security event logs
  • Active channels
  • Drill-down analytics
  • Role-based and user-based views
  • Case management

The UnderDefense SOC team filters down thousands of events and false positives to a snapshot view of your current security posture, so you can quickly determine what needs your attention. You no longer need to dig through thousands of alerts or analyze raw log files to determine what is happening in your environment and what to do about it.


UnderDefense Co-managed model for Security Operations Center (SOC) maintains as much control and visibility into your secure environment as you want, while outsourcing whatever cybersecurity responsibilities and functions you request to a managed security services provider to handle. Working with UnderDefense on a co-managed SOC as a service gives you flexible solutions, scalability, money savings. As our UnderDefense client, you will have access to an online reporting portal that provides real-time updates and a summary of the current state of your security. Working with a managed services provider such as Proficio to co-manage your SIEM can help increase the software’s effectiveness while reducing false positives and the flow of low-level alerts that can prevent a solid cybersecurity posture. When you extend your organization’s security team with UnderDefense co-managed SOC, you get managed security support, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Effective incident investigations;
  • Validation of suspected threats;
  • Rapid response to threat;
  • Threat prevention;
  • Custom notifications of issues resolved;
  • Immediate resources.

If you have already implemented software for SIEM into you organization, this counts as a valuable investment to help keep your sensitive data safe. But it is not enough to protect your sensitive data and customer information – without correlation rules, detailed use cases and other intelligence built into your SIEM, the software will not perform as you need and it will not sufficiently detect cyber threats – that is where UnderDefense Co-managed SOC comes in. We are here to keep and leverage your organization’s investment in an on-premises SIEM by adding expert analysts, processes and 24/7 SOC.

duration: 24/7/365 service. Ability to request service for 3 months and more.
  • round-the-clock protection
  • risk awareness
  • trusted expirienced security advisors
  • lower costs let small and medium businesses own UnderDefence Virtual SOC
  • cover a full spectrum of your organization’s security services needs
  • SOC is you Point of Difference among other businesses
  • unique expertise in red and blue teaming
  • quick security breach identification
  • successful growth of your business
  • customers will feel safe and secure
  • better cybersecurity posture
  • every tier professional availability
  • executive function indivduals operating your SOC
  • incident notification and remediation guidance
  • proactive best practices for audit log maintenance and analysis
  • compliance reporting
  • daily and monthly security reports
  • one-on-one security consultation
  • add correlation rules
  • build hundreds of use cases
  • generate reports for management, auditors
  • document results
  • conduct post-mortem
  • update policies and procedures
  • track evidence
  • evaluate historical performance
  • IT infrastructure
  • Public Web Sites
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Public/Private Clouds

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Security Operations Center monitoring

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