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Why UnderDefense

Endless patching is an illusion of safety. Log4j vulnerability cannot be cured for good

Mitigate Cyber Security Risks of Log4j Vulnerability with a Professional Partner

How Log4Shell Impacts Your Business

Legacy Software is an Opened Door for Attackers

Log4j affects so many IT systems and components.
It can be easily left unnoticed. Internal teams can’t update everything just because the scope is so huge

Ransomware can Break Down the Key Business Functions

Attackers can access and control your critical servers, databases and affect business continuity through ransomware infection. Even if the software is patched – it might still be vulnerable

Attacks will Come from Your Suppliers

Big Businesses have even higher risks. Attacks from vulnerable and uncontrollable suppliers can hit anytime. If attackers can’t break a big business, they will try to hack your smaller partners

You can’t stop what you can’t see

React to Exploit Before It Affects You

Get visibility and control over your IT with 24/7 security monitoring of all your network devices, servers, and cloud infrastructure. We will help you cope with anomalies and intrusions; provide deep analysis; alert about suspicious events; identify gaps in existing security controls

Take the right decisions

Don’t Know How to Patch?

We take away all your worries and hustle as we reveal vulnerable and affected systems by ourselves. Every time we find hidden assets and resources – we patch them. This process requires repeatable systems’ health checks and fixes.

Your team have already fixed Log4J?

Make Sure They Haven’t Missed Anything

Crash-test the effectiveness of implemented patching and get Attestation and Confirmation of proper fix

It Takes Just One Mistake to Let Attacker Into Your Business

Don’t let a chance break down your systems. Get proofs your infastructure is secure and resistant to Log4j

Why Trust Us

UnderDefense is constantly recognized as a key security solutions provider by independent, third-party networks and research organizations

#1 at Clutch 2021

We are awarded as Top Cyber Security Consultants company in 2020. Worldwide, ranked as #1 in Clutch leaders matrix among 3,674 Firms

TOP 1% at Manifest

We are ranked as a best 1% of companies in CyberSecurity at Manifest

#3 at SecOps in EU

Won a bronze medal in the International Exercise and Conference on Security Operations challenge in Budapest

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