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UnderDefense demonstrated a high level of professionalism during the security services engagement; the project was a major factor in securing our security posture, therefore we chose to proceed with further cooperation with UnderDefense by utilizing their vCISO Services.

Eugene Vyborov

CTO, YayPay

UnderDefense has made a commitment to help businesses plan, build, and run successful and high-quality Cyber Security Programs. Our defense and offense teams, talented and professional cybersecurity experts partner with enterprise-class organizations to provide a full package of Cyber Security services and solutions that help and make businesses, governments, and other institutions operate much more successfully and securely when the cybersecurity space is under constant threat of attack.

Our Process

In this overall connected world UnderDefense’s unique approach, dedicated professional teams, depth and breadth of full Cyber Security assessments and other offerings help organizations to rebuild strength and confidence as consumers, employees and investors.
Our team of cyber security professionals give organizations the necessary level of operational cyber security assistance to perform custom tasks and answer to certain required project needs. Organizations are then allowed to access the qualified individuals for the following roles:

Application Security Analyst

Our Application security analysts are individuals who possess the skills to assist with technical application-level vulnerability identification and analysis, using industry-accepted tools. They retain the ability to support and build upon existing application security assessment programs.

 – Application security analyst directed by your internal team to assist with day-to-day tasks.

– Ability to run your existing application assessment tools.

 – Assist with the execution of defending processes.

 – Track assessment and remediation activities.

Incident Response Analyst

Our Incident response analysts specialize in monitoring, analyzing security logs from multiple sources, and investigating Cyber Security incidents. They are trained to develop action plans to remedy and prevent risks. WHAT YOU GET:

– Quick responses to computer security incidents according to the cybersecurity incident response plan.

– Guidance to first responders for handling information security incidents.

– Prioritizing and classifying incidents.

– Investigation findings to relevant stakeholders to help improve information security posture.

– Validation and maintenance of incident response plans and processes to address the potential threats.

– Compiling and analyzing data for management reporting and metrics.

SOC Analyst

Security Operations Center analyst who helps coordinate and report on cyber incidents performs during crisis situations and contingency operations, which may necessitate extended hours of work.


– The responsible individual in a 24×7 Security Operation Center (SOC) environment

– Analysis and trending of security log data from a large number of heterogeneous security devices.

– Incident Response support when analysis confirms the actionable incident.

– Threat and vulnerability analysis as well as security advisory services.

– Analysis and responses to previously undisclosed software and hardware vulnerabilities.

Risk and Compliance Analyst

Risk and compliance analyst who owns the skills to assist with general information security program operations and compliance initiatives.


– Risk and compliance analyst directed by your internal team to assist with day-to-day tasks.

– Assist in day-to-day operations of process within common GRC platforms.

– Able to read, understand, and help translate compliance definitions for business use.

– Assist with the execution of defined processes.

– Track risk issues and remediation activities.

Vulnerability Analyst

Vulnerability analyst who possesses the skills to assist with technical and system-level vulnerability identification and analysis, using industry-accepted tools. Ability to support existing vulnerability assessment programs.


– Vulnerability analyst directed by your internal team to assist with day-to-day tasks.

– Run vulnerability scanner(s).

– Review and provide high-level validation (false positives).

– Disseminate vulnerabilities to SMEs for remediation.

– Assist with the execution of defined processes.

– Track assessment and remediation activities.

Security Prevention Analyst

Threat prevention analyst who helps identify, manage, monitor, and communicate the information security risks associated with inherent and residual threats that may result in harm or disruption to the company.


– Help to define, ratify, maintain, and improve the Threat Prevention program.

– Identification and tracking of malicious infrastructure.

– Proactive research of relevant threats.

– Support for continuous development/integration of tools to store, exchange, and analyze threat and incident data.

– Prior experience with SIEM tools and Splunk.

– Strong analytical skills.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst who plans and carries out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems.


– Organization’s networks monitoring for security breaches.

– Violation investigations.

– Firewalls and data encryption programs installation and usage to protect sensitive information.

– Reports preparations that document security breaches and the extent of the damage caused by the breaches.

–  Penetration testing conduction.

Identity and Access Management Analyst

Identity and access management engineer who possesses the skills to assist with IAM technology support and operation.


– IAM analyst directed by your internal team to assist with day-to-day tasks.

– Assist in daily operations of IAM technologies, including post-production support.

– Provide patching, upgrade support, and regression testing of IAM technologies.

– Provide system configuration functions.

– Assist with the execution of de ned processes.

– Track IAM technology operational issues and remediation activities.

Forensics Analyst

Forensics analyst who collects information from digital devices as part of legal investigations combines computer science background with forensic skills to recover information from computers and storage devices and responsible for assisting law enforcement officers with cybercrimes and to retrieve evidence.


– Important data recovery that has been deleted, damaged, or otherwise manipulated

– Expertise in a corporate setting to protect computers from infiltration.

– The computer broke into determination or lost files recovery.

– Help detectives and other officials analyze data and evaluate its relevance to the case under investigation.

– Expertise in hacking and intrusion techniques and prior experience with security testing and computer system diagnostics.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Virtual CISO is a service created to make top-tier security experts available to our clients who need security expertise and guidance.


– IT Expertise on a budget available anytime anywhere.

– Subject Matter Expert in network, compliance and security for both strategic direction and tactile implementation

– Proactive and independent coordination of programs such as breach and IR including any needed forensics.

– Assessment and development of the information security skills of your wider team.

Splunk Security Professionals

We are experts in security and Splunk: providing the cybersecurity experience and Splunk skills you need to develop a security program capable of quickly identifying, containing, and remediating attacks.


-Breach Response analyst capable of handling varying levels of incidents

-Security Program Review

-SOC Advisory Services

-Advanced Security Advisory Services

-SIEM Migration Services

Learn more information about our SOC services here!

  • Certified Cyber Security Specialists in your hands to drive the business
  • No need of investment in trainings and skilling up the on-site team – we got it all
  • No day-to-day disruption while meeting project timelines
  • High quality and speed in management and development
  • Cut costs and time-to-market with us
Our Staffing Program Advantages:
  • Time flexibility to achieve client’s goals;
  • Brilliant resources to meet deadlines;
  • Remote Experts on demand that are a part of a team;
  • Experienced and certified remote analysts with additional specific skills that are not available in-house;
10 Reasons to work with us!
  • Cost savings up to 60% in comparision to in-house and onboarding costs.
  • Time Efficient process of identifying, selecting, and building Security Teams.
  • No financial risks. Transparent and fixed monthly fee
  • Highest level of IP rights protection and confidentiality
  • Geographical proximity and cultural similarity
  • Always available talent around the globe for all of our security needs.
  • Quick launch of your remote Dedicated Team
  • Full integration of our remote developers with your current teams
  • Highest quality Security and IT professionals
  • Project Management support and Agile consulting

Benefits of Outsourcing security engineers