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Get 3 months of security monitoring to prevent malware attacks on your business 

Endpoint Security package

FREE tool + FREE 24×7 Endpoint Security Monitoring

by UnderDefense
Endpoint Security package

Get compliance and security

for free for 3 months during COVID-19


Going remote caused new cybersecurity challenges for companies worldwide. Employees have direct access to corporate data and are constantly putting it at a risk by using their personal computers and unsecured networks. Our experience has shown that this may result in significant financial loss and even failure to get Compliant. There is no security perimeter anymore. Malware infections are spreading faster than ever before. This is our new reality.


UnderDefense as the socially responsible business offers you a free Endpoint Security package to protect remote employees’ computers, provide you with centralized visibility and control over your systems, and respond to Data Breaches and Malware infections.

We offer you

free enterprise-level security tool as well as a free 24×7 Security Monitoring Service as a first step to protect your remote enterprise.

What value do you get?

With UD Home Office Security package you can be sure about the safety of your employees’ home offices for your business.
It is your step to meeting compliance as well as client expectations

How does it work:

Home office infrastructure analysis

A UD consultant will analyze the home-office capability of your IT, give personalized feedback, and prepare a setup plan


Immediate installation whenever you are ready

Within 1 day the installation of the free Security Monitoring tool by Endgame is complete and ready to keep you well-protected. It works for Linux, Windows, and macOS.


Full 24/7 Endpoint Security Monitoring by UnderDefense specialists

Security Monitoring allows immediate response to cyberattacks and assures that all your corporate data is secure


I want to request an Endpoint Security package for my business

Together we will battle not only offline viruses, 

but all online ones as well

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