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Test and control your crypto transactions operations with our team

Security Operations Center

UnderDefense round-the-clock Cybersecurity Defense Team monitors and manages the security of all your network, devices, servers, and Cloud Infrastructure. We assist organizations with identifying and stopping attacks and fraud.

Skilled 8x5 or 24x7 SOC team with certified security professionals

Robust security posture with reduced TCO

Compliance with government and industry regulations

Metrics and SLA driven performance

Today’s cryptocurrency exchanges are a fat target to the world’s cyber thieves, and it is so for a good reason

As zero-day attacks increase, cyber exchange stocks become a target every day, cryptocurrency marketplaces often lack a well-defined response and remediation methodology. Today, many businesses lack the in-house resources to direct, execute and hone cybersecurity strategies.

Stopping hackers requires taking security seriously, building it into the very DNA of the exchange platform from the beginning.

As example:

Recently Bithumb admitted a breach that led to $30 million worth of currency stolen
Nearly £28 million was stolen from the Korean exchange Coinrail overnight
Japan-based exchange Coincheck lost a reported $500 million in cryptocurrency makes it one of the biggest heists in world history


Just buying security tools and solutions is not a silver bullet, but let us tell you what could be:


A modern Splunk based Security Operations Center (SOC) that monitors traffic and responds to cyber incidents 24/7 using the best Security Information Event Management (SIEM) processes and tools available.


The utilization of machine learning powered neural networks that can process millions of points of data, finding suspect behavior before it has a chance to act.


Automated responses to threats using IR automation, further closing the time gap between threat detection and response.


UnderDefense  SOC Team helps collect system-generated logs and creates alerts and details of suspicious activities. Our offering combines real-time threat intelligence services and data processing to generate an in-depth view of security issues. Our security operations professionals analyze data and triage devices to scope out real security threats and advise on steps to mitigate them and help effectively respond to sуcurity incidents.


Log management and monitoring:

we offer log collection and round-the-clock vigilant event log monitoring, to help early detection.

Threat detection:

we provide advanced security analytics with contextual analysis powered by large data analytic platform using threat intelligence.

Incident response:

our remote incident response analyst who works with your IT team to help contain and mitigate threats with complete damage assessment and response planning capabilities.

Malware analysis and forensics:

during critical investigations, you can choose to engage with our digital forensics lab that supports malware analysis for unknown or zero day malware.

Service management and reporting:

we work with you to ensure quick issue resolution: – track ticket status and work logs; – view specialized generated reports; – use our portal to report incidents and raise service requests.

Vulnerability management:

UnderDefense offers a cyclic approach (monitor–assess–prioritize–prevent–fix) for accurate vulnerability management.

Threat intelligence services:

our team aggregates and correlates thousands of security events using a multi-tenanted security information and event management (SIEM) environment and threat feeds.

Effective monitoring and visibility:

our scalable log management system streamlines and optimizes the collation of logs across devices and locations. Access to real-time reports, that’re giving you a comprehensive, in-depth view of your organization’s security issues and vulnerabilities.

Service quality and responsive delivery:

our commitment to highest quality standards, customer centric service delivery, and SLA-governed deliverables ensure complete transparency and quality.

Flexible options:

UnderDefense allows you to choose a service plan that best matches your business requirements. We always adjust to our customers needs and make SOC work for them and not the other way around.

  • We enable you to develop a more secure and resilient organization.
  • We navigate complex environments to to help you achieve maximum value for your technology decisions, architecture and security projects
  • We provide hands-on expertise for you to uncover & remediate threats and vulnerabilities to solve specific security challenges
  • We serve as a remote extension of your team to allow you to strengthen your security response and defenses
  • We provide cyber security training services that address human behaviors to improve security and reduce risk
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Integrated security services
  • Scalable log management
  • Flexible service levels

Working in the trenches as your partner – we work shoulder to shoulder with you, understanding your needs as a team member, and acting in the belief that your success is ours

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