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Our three-tier program is designed to incent our partners to grow with us! Benefits and rewards increase based on your success as an UnderDefense Solution Provider. We’re committed to providing a collaborative partnership so we can win, win again and win some more.

Tier levels

Tier benefits

Deal Registration

A Deal Registration can be accomplished when:
• The deal is directly registered by the Partner through the Partner Registration Tool within the UnderDefense Portal.
• Identifies an opportunity and passes the deal registration opportunity directly to the Partner freely chosen by the customer via email for acceptance using a one-click button.
The deal registration approval period is 180 days from the initial date UnderDefense notifies the Partner that the deal has been approved for registration. There is an opportunity for two 90-day extensions if business case submission is sent prior to the deal registration expiration date. For complete details on the UnderDefense Deal Registration benefit


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