Catch them! Secrets to detect attackers Maltese workshop

Malta Blockchain Summit is a place where business representatives from Crypto Marketplaces, Online gaming, and gambling & Financial Technology companies meet up to network and receive up to date information. Together with our partner Kyte Consultants we prepared a cybersecurity monitoring workshop how to detect fraud activities with Splunk. This topic is becoming more and more in demand as companies are looking for a comprehensive solution to defend their clients data from external and internal threats.

 We at UnderDefense are helping organizations to solve this big issue by constantly discovering the market and what it offers. We prefer Splunk as a SIEM tool to build a Layered Security in a company:

  • Monitoring and maintaining the security in the organization;
  • Investigating ransomware attacks;
  • Responding on an incident;

Data Breaches and losses of millions of dollars happen because of several factors the most common of which are:

  • constant hackers attacks
  • simple human mistakes.

We want you to try yourself how important and hard it is to defend your infrastructure and respond to attacker immediately and how Splunk makes it much more simple yet not losing a bit of 360-degree overview and protection.

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