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We Build Security Strategy. You Focus On Own Business

Involve one of the best cybersecurity teams you can find on the market. 

  • Manage security threats and react to them in real-time
  • Investigate incidents and recover data faster
  • Discover environment vulnerabilities
  • Involve virtual CISO and prepare for getting security compliance

WarRoom: manage security and compliance in one holistic platform

Build your own incident response plan workflow and react on threats immediately

Who we are?

UnderDefense is one of the leaders in cybersecurity according to Clutch. We provide cyber resiliency consulting and technology-enabled services to anticipate, manage and defend against cyber threats. We empower clients to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Provide the service quality that is more than clients expect” is our slogan and our promise.

Our biggest aim is to empower companies to stand strong in the face of today’s dynamic, sophisticated, and unrelenting cyber-attacks and maintain business continuity and financial stability.

We always keep our hands on the pulse and try to provide as best service you can find in the cybersecurity market. Our team includes professionals from different specialties as Penetration Pesting (Ethical Hacking), vCISO, Managed Detection & Response, and Incident Response. It allows us to look at the security problems deeper and from different sides to give you sophisticated reports and recommendations how to mitigate and close all cyber security issues which have been found.

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