No-Code Incident Response Automation Platform

Single Platform to Manage your Security & Compliance

One holistic solution to automate cyber security routines, detect threats, compliance policies, and reports.

UnderDefense introduces the integration with ChatGPT for Security & Compliance purposes

How does this work?

You ask your question about SOC2, ISO27001, PCI DSS, and we provide AI answer verified by our best-in-class human experts in minutes.

What can you get?

Upload your Policies, Procedures, and Incident Response Plan, and get it back corrected, polished, ready to use. With zero time investments!
You can also get AI-driven Remediation guidance to fight confirmed threats in minutes.

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Your ONE-STOP for Security and Compliance

  • Get a simplified and integrated 24х7 MDR platform
  • Integrate security tools and let UnderDefense team respond to alerts on your behalf
  • Stop breaches immediately by creating incident response plan playbooks
  • Orchestrate all security tools in one place
  • Monitor cloud, on-premise, and hybrid infrastructure
  • SOC2, ISO 27001 compliance built-in
  • Simple and predictable SaaS pricing

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Everything you need in one holistic solution

Get together your own security technologies that are not connected yet for the best ROI in one platform.

24/7 Managed Threat Detection
Security Orchestration
Incident Response Automation
Compliances and Certifications
On-Demand Threat Hunting
Transparent Reports

Detect, identify, and get notified about the suspicious activity. Protect your business from the threats

Integrate all your security tools to work in one ecosystem, get full visibility and enable you to automate tasks for more effective security operations

Choose predefined IR Plan workflows or add custom logic to your processes from hundreds of no-code presets to automate your practical Incident Response Plan

Consistently meet client required & industry-standard security certifications (PCI-DSS, HITRUST, SOC2, GDPR) with our team that knows them inside-out

Scan suspicious emails, files, IPs, and domains to check if it doesn’t contain any malicious files or URLs

Know what happened, which actions you should provide to close an incident, and how to prevent it in the future

Different tasks require different ways to solve. Tailor own security strategy

Most people aren’t security experts. We have used our experience and incorporated it into our product so that everyone can use it to identify weaknesses and fix security issues, meet cybersecurity standards and boost business development and automate reacting on threats.

Choose your role and see the benefits you’ll get

  • Implement centralized, always ON, 24×7 threat detection and response
  • Meet security standards and become compliant
  • Get detailed reports on intrusion attempts, incident rates, severity levels, response times, and time to remediation that your board will understand
  • Use the tools you have. WarRoom is no vendor lock-in — work with trusted software: CrowdStrike, Microsoft, SentinelOne, Symantec, Carbon Black
    Build security assurance with real-time alerts, detection, and the response to potential security issues
  • Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of security processes — don’t worry about the lack of talented resources
  • Mitigate losses by having a 24×7 ready incident response team in case of an emergency/ransomware attack
  • Detect attacks against applications and infrastructure in real-time
  • Respond to incidents immediately
  • Consistently meet client required & industry-standard security certifications (PCI-DSS, HITRUST, SOC2, GDPR)
  • Reduce risks quickly by bringing in full protection stack immediately (people + processes + tools)
  • Gain full visibility of your network health and security posture
  • Build cybersecurity customizable to your needs
  • Maintain your team’s motivation by reducing mundane security tasks and stress
  • Build cybersecurity customizable to your needs
  • Mitigate multiple 3rd parties risks without losing your customers’ trust
  • Detect attacks against applications and infrastructure in real-time
  • Respond to incidents immediately
  • Stay fully compliant with industry-standard security certifications (PCI-DSS, HITRUST, SOC2, GDPR)
  • Remain secure and compliant while your company is working remotely
  • Gain full visibility of your network health and security posture
  • Focus on innovation, not security
  • Resolve the lack of security resources
  • Simplify your security management with an all-in-one solution
  • Mitigate financial risks due to terminated contracts or disqualification for new business
  • Consistently meet client required & industry-standard security certifications
  • Maximize your cyber security ROI
  • Gain competitive advantage as a fully secure company
  • Focus on business-critical tasks instead of mundane security analytics
  • Optimize your security expenses – no capital upfront investment, pay only for what you use and scale quickly when needed
  • Scale your cybersecurity capabilities quickly without hiring new people or replacing the existing product stack

Automate Incident Response Plan

Connect and orchestrate security tools, manage threats and set up your own incident response plan playbooks in one holistic solution.

Reach your security goals easier and faster. 

Get full insights on attacker activity

Get exhaustive information about the incident: what occurred, how to fix and how to prevent future attacks. Show employees how they actions could affect the organization

What is it?
What do we know?
How did we detect it?
Where is it?

Don’t lock in on the predefined vendors. You choose security tech, we’ll make it work better

The platform is vendor-agnostic and open to any kind of cybersecurity tech. WarRoom integrates with any software you need to help you achieve you business goals

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